Why Hire A Professional

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In this technology-driven world tools like Google Search and YouTube are used by millions of people every day to curve curiosity and search a plethora of information we once only found in books. These tools make any kind of Do It Yourself or DIY home improvement project look easy, right? What isn't emphasized enough is the planning that goes into achieving that perfect finished product.

Small details may seem bothersome and insignificant but when ignored they can cause havoc and lead to costly DIY disasters. For example, a wrong measurement can throw off your entire project and ultimately end up costing you twice what you had anticipated. Just imagine ordering an expensive granite countertop and when it arrives it's two inches too short! Nightmares like this can happen when homeowners decide to tackle a DIY project with little or no prior experience.  

Home improvement projects often include more than just the design and materials. There are also permits, inspections and code restrictions you’ll need to consider. Did we mention, it can be dangerous too! Without the right skills and equipment, many well-intentioned "do it yourselfers" have been severely injured just trying to cut costs.

At Kitchen Innovations, our team of experienced designers will assist you with materials and hardware selections, layout design, functionality and so much more. Janet Wilson, Designer and Owner of Kitchen Innovations says, “We value our customers and want to educate them on design options and styles in order to help them with the decision-making process from beginning to end.”

From outdoor kitchens to bathroom renovations we will design beautiful spaces to fit your budget and lifestyle. Stop by our showroom on Beal Parkway in Fort Walton Beach or contact one of our designers and let us help you with your next home improvement project.


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