Updating Versus Complete Remodeling

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Most real estate and home sales experts will agree that the value of a home relies heavily in two areas - the kitchen and bathroom. In an article from U.S. News & World Report , A minor kitchen update will recoup 80 percent of its cost, while a major mid-range kitchen remodel only has a 65 percent return on investment.” It’s not surprising that renovating these areas are among the most popular ways to build equity and insure a better return for your home but should you go for the complete remodel or will a partial update suffice?

Deciding to do an update or a complete remodel depends on several factors. If you plan for the home to be a permanent residence, then a complete remodel may be the way to go. Investing in amenities to make everyday life more convenient would prove to be worth the extra expenses in the long run. Here are a few options you may want to incorporate in a complete remodel.


Kitchen Remodel

  • Open Areas - Many older homes separate the kitchen from the living area and dining room. Today, open floor plans just make sense. Removing those constricting walls and creating one large space will give your home that large, open feel and allow family and guests to enjoy each other in one area instead of being separated into two or three.

  • Smart Appliances - These state-of-the-art devices connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer to give you more information and control than ever before. Not to mention, let you know when something is wrong.

  • Cabinets - Another product of innovation is the wide variety available in cabinets. Design and functionality have finally joined together and the result is modern and beautiful units that give you easy access and more storage than ever before.


Photo of Kitchen Remodel from TheHank .US

Bath Remodel

  • Shower and Tubs - Larger walk-in showers and stand-alone tubs are the trends today. If your space doesn’t allow for both then opt for the walk-in shower.

  • Tile - Choose from the many different styles and textures and mix up the patterns between the shower and the floors. This is a place you can truly show your style with the endless choices.

  • Lighting - Gone are the days of traditional small bathroom lights. Pendants and  chandeliers are what’s in and the larger the better.

Photo via Pinterest (33 Before and After Remodels)

If you're planning to sell your house in the future it’s more important to choose budget friendly updates that will allow you to increase the overall value of your home but not break the bank. Here are some budget friendly updates that should be on your list.

Kitchen Update

  • Open Spaces - This concept remains true in a complete remodel or an update. Buyers are looking for homes with open floor plans. Removing a wall between a kitchen and living area will enlarge the feel and give your home an immediate facelift. If your space is small, and removing a wall isn’t a possibility, then take out a kitchen island. More space equals more money in today’s market!

  • Flooring - According to This Old House, 94% of real estate professionals recommend spending money to repair existing tile, tighten squeaky boards and/or replace old carpet.

  • Light - Let there be more light! This can be achieved by adding additional windows and/or removing shutters or heavy blinds from an existing window. Also, adding or replacing lighting fixtures with ones that provide additional light can make a big impact.

Photo via Hometalk Before and After Kitchen Updates

Bath Update  

  • Showers and Tub/Shower Combos - Update old shower and tub doors with frameless clear glass to automatically renew the entire space.

  • Replace faucets - With thousands of new designs to choose from, this simple change will do wonders for your bathroom.

  • New Hardware - Easily replace drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for an immediate transformation.

Before & After Photos of Bath Remodels via HGTV

Whether you choose the update or the complete remodel, strategic planning and execution is everything. Don’t leave it to trial and error - hire a professional to guide you through the process from beginning to end. This will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results and likely to recoup your investment plus some. Kitchen Innovations will assist you in the process from beginning to end to insure your project meets your objectives successfully.


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