Not-So-Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

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Thanksgiving menus tend to lend themselves to the traditional fare. This usually includes turkey and dressing or stuffing (depending on your roots),  cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and other tried and true dishes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. There is a reason for this repetition of family favorites and that’s because everyone loves them and looks forward to sharing them with each other. It’s one of the highlights of the day and it just wouldn’t be the same without them but it doesn’t mean you can’t deviate from the norm just a bit. Taking some of these old recipes and adding a little twist to give them a brand new fresh taste and look will have your guests raving. Here are some you might give a try this season.


Turkey is usually the star of the table. It’s nutritious and always delicious but why not stray away from the safe path and give this old bird new life. Check these recipes out!

Surf and Sunshine "9" Unusual Turkey Recipes

The traditional side kick to the turkey is dressing or stuffing. These are usually cornbread based but who said that’s the only way to go? Take a walk on the wild side with this beer bread version.

Half Baked Harvest Buffalo Cheddar Bear Bread Stuffing

Sweet potatoes are just a great pop of color and taste to the traditional dishes. Here’s a way to really shake it up and mix a traditional potato recipe with the not-so-traditional sweet potato preparation.

Delish Mashed Sweet Potatoes

The meal really isn’t complete without cranberry sauce. Some do a cranberry salad but here’s a delicious option that will really warm things up at the table.

"Far From Normal" Vanilla Bourbon Cranberry Sauce


Ambrosia has been around for centuries. You could probably find versions of it at the Pilgrims’ feast but this recipe updates that age-old favorite.

Martha Stewart's Modern Ambrosia

Pies are the perfect ending to the meal if you save room for the finale. Who doesn’t like apple pie? This version promises to be a crowd pleaser and one you will probably add to your traditional meal year after year.

Rachel Ray's Caramel Apple Pie with Hot Tamale Whipped Cream

Adding a little spice to the traditional recipes can make planning and preparing a thrill. The positive responses and enjoyment expressed by your family and guests will make it even more worthwhile. Happy Thanksgiving!


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