Taking the Shower Outdoors

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Outdoor showers used to be a feature only found in beach or waterside communities but that trend has found its way into homes all over the country. When we refer to outdoor showers, we aren’t just talking about a water hose attached to a tall pole. Today’s versions take on an entire new definition to the meaning. Functionality is no doubt the basis of an outdoor showering facility, however, consumers want more than the basics these days. They want an outdoor experience!


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Becoming “one with nature” can take on a number of different styles and amenities. Depending on your decor style, the design can be very basic or it can be the taj mahal. Space can dictate the location and type of outdoor shower or bath facility you can install but there are no limitations to the amenities.

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Materials like tile and stone that have been primarily utilized inside have now become a staple in outdoor showers. High-tech shower heads and faucets provide multiple spray options and temperatures. Enclosures can be natural from trees and foliage to an extension of the house itself. Soaker tubs are being installed in addition to the shower to accommodate the full-bath capabilities. Just about any feature you have had in your home bath can now be found in the outdoors.

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Creating a space to enable an outside sanctuary requires planning and a good design. You want it to be aesthetic as well as functional and just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you can scrimp on the details. In fact, because natural sunlight truly shines the best light on our surroundings, attention to the details is extremely important. Go the extra mile and get professional help to determine what priorities are on your list.  Have them design it accordingly. Not only is this feature going to give you tons of enjoyment but it will be an added bonus to the value of your home.


For some great outdoor shower/bath ideas, take a look at this elledecor article for some fabulous examples.

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