These 5 kitchen trends may be on their way out

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While trends always come second to the desires of the homeowner, there are some kitchen design ideas that may be on their way “out.” In life and in design knowledge is power; if one of these 2016 design elements is on your must-have list, you may want to reconsider.

Dark cabinets

The rich feel of deep-colored cabinets like mahogany and dark cherry can be hard to resist when trying to warm up a large space. A more on-trend approach is lighter-colored cabinets that help create an open and airy feel in the space.

Short cabinets

The combination of short cabinets and a tall ceiling is a sure sign that a kitchen needs updating. Tall cabinetry flush with the ceiling offers a modern look and additional storage space. For easy accessibility, consider a beautiful step stool that integrates with the décor or a fold-away option stored within easy reach.

Pot racks over kitchen islands

New minimalist trends in kitchen designs shove overflowing pot racks out of the way in favor of deep drawers. These new drawers are designed to handle the weight of pots and pans. They glide effortlessly and keep your often-used cookware within easy reach.

An integrated kitchen desk

While family life often revolves around the kitchen, a desk stacked with bills and important papers isn’t something most people want in their cooking and gathering spaces. Home offices or even a quiet corner of the living room provide a much better option for a place to conduct the business of life at home.  

Brightly colored appliances

Yes, that fire-engine red refrigerator is charming and somewhat irresistible. While stainless steel has had a long run as the favorite appliance finish, it looks like its time’s not quite up. If you really don’t want stainless steel appliances, consider a neutral white option or check out the newest versions of darker stainless steel.

Trends to watch in 2017

If you are planning to move in the next few years or are renovating a kitchen with the intention of drawing the attention of potential buyers, there are a few emerging trends that you should be aware of.

·         Unique hardware finishes like black or rose gold

·         Appliance drawers for refrigerators and microwaves

·         Task lighting that goes beyond two pendant lights over the island

·         Beautiful and easily accessible dishware that’s on display

·         Using every bit of space in an efficient way with drawer accessories

·         Vintage kitchen accessories and textiles that offer a trendy vibe without commitment

Creating a kitchen that adds value to a home and is a pleasure to live with day-to-day is our specialty. For more information about kitchen trends to watch and which ideas to avoid, go ahead and contact us

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