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The space we all know as the kitchen has evolved through the years. It was actually located in a separate building away from the house in the 1800’s and as it made its way into the home, it still took a back room away from the family living areas.

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A great timeline of the evolution of the kitchen is detailed in the Porch article, A Brief History of the Kitchen. Cooking for the family was an all day job and usually done in a dark and dank area where good light was only a pipe dream. Thankfully, all aspects of providing food for the family have improved a million times over and one of them is the innovation of lighting.


The modern day kitchen has become a gathering place for entertaining and grand central for the family. It not only functions to prepare meals and serve them but incorporates daily life activities due to the fact that it is most often located in the central part of the home. Because of the many activities surrounding the kitchen, multiple lighting fixtures are being used to provide adequate lighting according to need.


Here are some of the main types of lighting being utilized. Almost all of them are available in LED versions which is the most efficient and long-lasting type of bulb on the market. By all accounts, the bulb itself may outlive many of us!


Here are some of the most popular options.


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Work Areas: In the immediate kitchen, preparation areas require bright clear light. The good old fluorescent has been replaced with LED surface mounted lights or LED recessed cans. This type of lighting gives bright light and the recessed cans allow for directing light to specific desired areas of the kitchen.


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Islands, Bars and Dining Tables: These areas are great places to utilize pendant lights. Add a dimmer switch and they can be adjusted to create that special ambience.

Eating Nooks, benches, divider walls. Sconces are wall lights that can be used over these areas and give great light as well as add to the decor and style of space.

Decorative Lighting: In gathering areas in the kitchen, decorative lighting creates an artistic way to provide necessary light while adding a personal touch. 


Take a few minutes to explore all of the different options. Whether you are building or remodeling or just want to make a quick update, there are so many great fixtures that will fit the bill and will shine a beautiful light on your kitchen.


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