Your Custom Kitchen Island Idea is On-Trend for 2017

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Kitchen islands add function and beauty to a hardworking and popular gathering spot. If you’ve been thinking of adding a custom kitchen island to your cooking space, your idea is right in line with the most popular kitchen trends of 2017.

How to add a kitchen island with limited space

Most kitchens can accommodate an island area, even if the space is limited. Small islands are possible in smaller 12-foot kitchens, and when designed carefully, they can be quite efficient additions that will increase the storage, comfort, and utility of the room.

If you are wondering whether your kitchen can accommodate an island, simply measure the room. If there is space for a minimum 36-inch clearance on all sides of your hypothetical island for an aisle and at least 18 inches for the width of the countertop on the island, the project is practical.

These measurements allow for a cozy setup ideal for one, or a maximum of two cooks at any given time. Keep in mind that a traditionally configured refrigerator may need more space for the door to swing open all the way. A French-door refrigerator requires less clearance.

How to add a kitchen island in a large area

For a large kitchen, the addition of an island creates cozy seating areas and makes the center of the room more useful. When deciding on the size of the island, remember that a countertop larger than four feet by four feet may be challenging to keep clean. It also may create an area of unusable space in the middle.

To make the most of a large island in a sizable kitchen, consider adding a small second sink to help minimize trips from one side of the room to the other while prepping and cooking. Refrigerator drawers, warming drawers, and hidden recycling bins are also smart additions to a spacious kitchen island that help make daily cooking a pleasure.

If you are considering adding a kitchen island, go ahead and contact us. Every kitchen situation and configuration is different. To get the best long-term results from any type of kitchen upgrade or remodeling project, it’s smart to seek the advice of dedicated designers who are passionate about helping you transform the most important room in your house.




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