Holiday Tips for Successful and Stress Free Entertaining

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The holiday season has arrived and you may be having a party or some other festive event in your home. While you want your guests to have a wonderful time, it’s nice if you can too. Putting together a plan can take the stress out of entertaining and make your event a success.


First of all, decide what kind of party you will be hosting. Will it be a plated dinner or buffet, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, or an open house? Once you decide, you can begin with preparations. Here’s a timeline that will help you get organized and some great links to inspire you.

3-4 Weeks Prior to Your Event:

Plan your menu - decide what you will serve including beverages. Keeping cocktails to one signature beverage will make it easier on you before and during your party.

Invite your guests - holiday time is busy and people have many functions to attend so make sure you get your event on their calendar early.


1 Week Prior to Your Event:

Assemble your decor - get out all of your decorations that you will use. If you need something else, you have time to remedy this. It’s much better than realizing this at the last minute.
Prepare music - music sets the mood so go ahead and make your playlist now.
Gather Serving Pieces - get out all of the platters and dishes for the event including the utensils. Label each with a sticky note to ensure you have a dish and serving piece for each food item you will be serving.
Decide on flowers - plan what floral and/or greenery you will be using for your event and order if needed.


1 Day Before Your Event:

Decor - go ahead and decorate.
Arrange your flowers - get your flowers in in their places.
Prepare the food - preparing as much food as possible the day before will make your day of the event a lot less stressful.
Gather platters, dishes, serving utensils - get all of your serving pieces ready.
Seating - if you’re planning to do assigned seats, get their name cards made and in place.


The Day of Your Event:

Signature cocktail - premake your beverages so they’re ready to serve.
Greet your guests - welcome everyone to your home with a smile on your face.

Enjoy Yourself - you have planned a perfect party so there’s nothing to worry about!

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