Are you headed for a DIY disaster?

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You may be ready for a weekend project and have been gaining unlimited amounts of inspiration from sources such as Pinterest, HGTV or your creative neighbor. 

 Here is some DIY advice to keep in mind as you make plans.


Create a focal point by painting a piece of non-heirloom furniture a bright and cheerful color

If you have the patience and steady hand for a weekend DIY project, giving an old piece of furniture a new look with a few coats of paint is a great idea.

New paint + primer formulas are a solid choice for pieces that will require only a few coats. Be sure to mask off areas you don’t want painted, like glass or metal inserts, and remove any hardware before starting the project.

Most people forget that although fresh paint may be dry to the touch, it takes at least 24 hours to cure. Don’t set anything on the freshly painted surface for at least that long, or you’ll risk ruining the finish. 


Paint your kitchen cabinets

Painted cabinets are on-trend right now, but what seems like a simple project quickly turns into a weeks-long nightmare for many DIYers.

Getting a smooth finish is nearly impossible without professional-grade tools. To really improve the look of your kitchen by painting the cabinets, you’ll need experience with the special requirements of cleaning, priming, painting, and sealing surfaces in a way that makes them look new and allows them to retain their finish for years to come even with heavy use. 


Switch outdated cabinet hardware for a quick update in the kitchen

If you are tired of the gleam of shiny gold knobs dotted throughout your kitchen but don’t have the time, budget, or patience for a total kitchen upgrade right now, installing new cabinet hardware may provide some relief.

For this DIY project, you’ll just need a few hours of free time and a screwdriver. Knobs are easiest to replace. Drawer pulls and handles with more than one screw may present problems. Take a few with you when shopping to make sure the holes will match your new hardware choice.


Choose hardware that requires new holes in the cabinet faces

Not only will you need to drill perfectly placed and perfectly sized holes into the hard wood of your kitchen cabinets, but you’ll also need to fill the old holes in a way that makes them invisible.

Both jobs are best left to professionals. This DIY project puts you (and your kitchen) at risk of crooked handles, marred cabinet surfaces, and a finished product that never looks quite right.


Put in new throw rugs and treat yourself to a soft place to stand

If you feel like ripping up your worn or outdated kitchen flooring, take a breath and consider adding a few high-quality throw rugs to the space, instead. Anti-fatigue mats used in restaurants are now available in many colors and patterns. You can have gorgeous rugs that you’ll enjoy looking at and standing on.


Try to install wood flooring, linoleum, or ceramic tile in your kitchen

This DIY project is another one best left to professionals. The measuring, cutting, and application all require advanced-level knowledge. If you want floors that last more than one or two years, this DIY is a DI-Don’t.

To learn more about how to get professional help for projects that are better left to the experts, go ahead and contact us. We want you to be happy with your kitchen remodel for the long haul and we have the resources and experience to help you make that happen.



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