2017 Trends: Built In Bars

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One of the top ten new trends this year is built-in bars. People are entertaining more in their own homes and are incorporating these types of spaces not only for functionality but as a focal point in their decor. Built-in bars automatically provide a gathering spot for your guests and make a convenient serving area. They also provide great storage for wine and beverages that doubles as a showcase. The basics of the design remain the same but creative and unique new ideas have made adding a built-in bar a possibility where the traditional design may not have been a viable option. They can be a dry bar or a wet bar depending on your needs and there are many options for customization based on your style. You may be in the planning stage for a new home or want to give your current home some upgrades. Either way, an entertaining spot is always a great option.


You may think adding a built-in bar to your existing home isn’t a possibility due to space constraints but there are many ways to create a great entertaining area that serves as beverage and wine storage and will impress your guests not to mention enhance your decor. If you are starting from scratch, you can still be creative and develop your room around the bar.

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Here’s a fantastic use of space under the staircase. This area is often used as a closet but isn’t this a creative way to utilize this spot? It’s really a very simple design on cabinetry and floating shelves but the tiled backsplash adds that “wow” factor and while this may not be your style, there are plenty of options to make it your own.


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These two built-in bars are larger but fill the spaces nicely and are a more traditional design. One is a wet bar with the sink and the other is a dry bar with great countertop space. They both have glass inserts to showcase stemware and additional storage with large pull out drawers in the cabinetry. Also incorporated in the design are elements like the stone and brick as the backdrop for layers of dimension and interest.

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If your space is limited and you can’t find a place to add a full sized built-in bar, consider converting a closet or pantry. It can be tucked away like these two and when you need it, simply open the doors and voila’ - your bar is open and ready for business.


Whether you are building a new home and want to plan an entertaining area in your design or you are adding it to an existing space, there are hundreds of ways to make it happen. Large or small, they can make a fabulous statement. Consulting a designer will make your job much easier and take the stress out of the project. You can achieve a perfect look and design that will complement your home and make hosting your next party a breeze!


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