Quick & Easy Kitchen & Bath Updates

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Quick & Easy Kitchen & Bath Updates

Are you sick and tired of your old kitchen and bath but your budget won’t allow you to do a total renovation? Then choose one or two areas to concentrate on that will give you a big bang for your buck. Small changes can equal huge benefits. Here are several options for consideration.


Glass Front Cabinets - HGTV

 Cabinets  - These can be quite expensive to replace so if you can’t completely remove and install new ones, try these options.

  • Paint - choose a color that will coordinate well with your style. Putting a new coat of paint will transform the entire area and paint is relatively inexpensive.

  • New doors - if the old cabinets are just too shabby to liven up with a good coat of paint, then replacing the doors is another less costly option. This can also transform your kitchens into brand new.

  • Glass inserts - replacing a few select cabinet doors with glass will give your area an immediate style boost. There are a lot of options for these inserts including clear glass panels, frosted or beaded glass and glass with decorative inserts. This will expose the inside of the cabinet so a little paint may be needed for the finished product.

  • New pulls and knobs - one of the quickest and easiest changes you can make are to change out or add pulls and knobs. There are literally tons of options that can take your cabinets from blah to spectacular.


Tile Backsplash - @MosaicMorroco

Backsplashes - Even if you have very little backsplash space, adding a pop of color or texture will boost your decor immediately. There are so many new options available today that you will certainly find the perfect fit for your style and decor.

  • New tile - The world of tile has come a long way, baby. Glass, stone, mirrored, metal, wood, etc. Take a minute to explore the different looks and very quickly, you can have this installed to totally transform your space.

  • Wallpaper - yes, wallpaper is back and in a big way. The patterns, textures and applications are completely different and fantastic. They even make a peel and stick for easy application and when you’re tired of it, just simply pull it down. What could be easier?

  • Faux finishes - Paint can be used for more than simply changing a wall color. Faux finishes can give you multitudes of looks from marble to Italian plaster at a fraction of the cost.

  • Shiplap - This has made its way to the decor scene in all applications but as a backsplash, it can quickly take your traditional look to a farmhouse chic or a coastal look.

Recylced Glass Countertops - Tampa Granite Countertops


Countertops- This is  a space you use every day. It has to be durable but who says it can’t be beautiful. Explore the many different types of surfaces to see what will work best for you in terms of durability and then the world is your oyster!

  • Granite, Quartz - These are always tried and true and come in many different color and texture variations.

  • Butcher Block - Yes, believe it or not, butcher block has made its way back into being a very desirable material for backsplashes. It’s worth checking out.

  • Recycled glass - Beautiful and unique is a great word for some of these materials.

  • Wood - Cypress and other rich hued wood can make a spectacular countertop and give your space a unique appearance.


         Brick Accent Wall - deVol Kitchens                                      Bathroom Wallpaper - One Kings Lane

 Walls - Here’s an easy fix for a tired, old space. Afterall, the walls are necessary most of the time so why not use them for your art canvas?

  • Paint - It’s very economical and comes in thousands of colors. Go for white if you’re looking for a classic and clean look. Add a pop of color for a retro or modern vibe. The possibilities are endless and will change your kitchen or bath immediately.

  • Wallpaper - Again, wallpaper is back and back big. The new styles are richly hued and have beautiful patterns. Go for the whole room or pick a wall to accent

  • Brick or Stone - Adding a brick or stone veneer is a great way to add character. Using a stone washed effect on top of it really makes it pop.

  • Shelving - Open shelving and floating shelves are great for decor and functionality. You can take them in any style direction depending on color and type of material. Transform a bare wall into a coffee station or dry bar and you have a great new focal point for your room.


Under Counter Lighting - Pinterest                                  Bathroom Wall Sconces - Home Bunch


Lighting - We all need light, right? It’s a necessity for sure but it doesn’t mean you have to stick with the traditional ceiling mounts and old fluorescent fixtures. Most of them are quite unattractive. Try some of these suggestions to shine new light on your space.

  • Add pendants - Dangling light fixtures are huge and it’s easy to see why. There are beautiful lighting options that you can use over your bar, island or table in the kitchen or over your vanities and tubs in the ceiling.  Adding a chandelier to either space will glam up your area as well.

  • Add Sconces - Wall mount lighting has evolved. They are space saving, decorative and functional. You can use them anywhere you need light and style.

  • Low Lights - Rope lighting and other low-voltage lighting can be used to illuminate under cabinets, on top of cabinets and inside of glass front cabinets as well as under countertops.

As you can see from our suggestions, there are so many possibilities to reform your home by changing a few things in your kitchen and bath. Take a look around and use our photos for inspiration. Here’s a great article from HGTV that will also give you some great ideas. If you’re not sure about making choices, then consult a professional who can ask the right questions to help you find your design style and give you direction. Kitchen Innovations offers design services and is a complete kitchen and bath design center. Contact us today.

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