Preparing to Move the Parents In

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A lot has been said about aging in place but sometimes that isn’t the best option for your elderly parents. Health concerns, financial situations, and other reasons may prevent them from remaining in their own home as they grow older. This leaves them with very few options - basically, assisted living facilities or nursing homes. These are sometimes a good alternative but again, the same set of issues may keep these from being viable. This leaves you and your parents with the decision of moving them into your home and making a space that can accommodate their current and future needs. Planning for this situation requires careful thought and design so that your immediate family and your parents can co-exist in a happy, safe and peaceful environment. 


There are several ways you can create a space specifically designed for your parent(s). If you have the space and your local authorities permit it, you can build an addition. This might be attached to your existing home or be a detached structure adjacent to your home. Converting a garage, basement or other room in the home is also a way to achieve this but regardless of which direction you choose to achieve gaining a parental area, the two most important spaces are the kitchen and bathroom. Afterall, it is where we all spend a lot of our time and planning appropriately will ensure a living area where your parents will feel comfortable.  


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There are several factors to consider for both the baths and kitchens. Here are a few to put on your list. These may not be necessary immediately but planning ahead will be much more cost effective than readdressing them later down the road. 


● Counters and doorways with wheelchair accessibility 

● Walk-in showers with grab bars or walk-in tubs 

● Handicapped-accessible toilets 

● Non-slip flooring and flat surfaces for steady steps

● Emergency call buttons

● User friendly and accessible appliances

Making the decision with your parents to move them into your home is a big one but one that can be extremely rewarding for you and them. Making the appropriate design plan that will meet their immediate and future needs will make all the difference.  

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