Planning Is The Key

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Planning  is Key to Successful Kitchen and Bath Design Projects

Planning a kitchen or bath in a new build or updating an existing one requires a good plan. Picking out tile, countertops, backsplashes, etc. sounds like fun and easy enough but there is much more that goes into a good design. It’s extremely important to know what’s involved before attempting a big project.  

Kitchen Innovations - Janet Wilson, Owner/Designer

Owner/designer of Kitchen Innovations, Janet Wilson, has seen her share of mistakes that not only extended a project but totally derailed a budget. She stressed the importance of seeking advice from a professional for proper education before beginning your next kitchen or bath venture. This is the first step in formulating a good plan. Janet also shared several insightful tips that will help making important planning decisions that will lead to a successful endeavor.


  • Have a design or layout prior to pouring a slab for a new home - once the slab is poured, it is difficult to move plumbing without added cost.
  • Designate a budget - before you begin to choose items for your project, it is extremely important to formulate a budget. This will dictate your choices and keep you from bankrupting your pocketbook. Templates to help you estimate costs are readily available like these from Pinterest.
  • Formulate a timeline - from the moment the first nail goes in to the end of the finish line, make sure your contractors and you are on the same page. Not having designated dates along the way to have segments of the project completed will throw off your finish date. This also translates to added costs.  (timeline templates)
  • Do your homework - have your choices made prior to the start of construction. Look for all the available  options for storage areas, cabinet styles, flooring, appliances and more that fit in your budget. Not having everything chosen in advance can prolong the project.
  • Plan for the unexpected - unfortunately, even the best plans can have issues. This is especially true in a renovation where walls and ceilings can disguise unforseen pipes and electrical wires that may need to be relocated or replaced. Make sure your budget allows for extras. Otherwise, you may end up out of money with an unfinished project.

Gaining a new kitchen or bath is rewarding. It improves daily life routines and adds value to your home if completed successfully.  Take the time to get good advice, make a plan and set out on your journey to a great new kitchen, bath or both!


Kitchen Innovations is located in Fort Walton Beach, FL and is a full service kitchen and bath design and product sales business. Contact or call (850) 796-3000 for expert advice and professional service.

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