Planning a New Kitchen or Bath?

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Big Box Stores have sprung up in almost every large town.  If you have a DIY project, these types of stores will probably work for you but if you don’t have much experience in updating, renovating or creating a kitchen or bath, the friendly employee in the aisles won’t be much help. What you need is the one-on-one consultation and expertise that a locally owned business can and will give you.  There are many advantages that only a smaller entity can offer that a large chain doesn’t have the resources to match.

  • Time - Making decisions about your kitchen or bath project requires time with a professional to find out what your needs and wants are for your designated space. This is not the time to make frivolous choices.  Locally owned places of businesses will spend adequate time to make sure you have a good plan and that it’s implemented correctly.

  • Attention to Details - A good plan includes attention to the details. A generic plan will give you a generic space and one you will tire of quickly. The level of quality you will receive from a locally owned business will ensure success in the details.

  • Experience - Locally owned businesses are fine-tuned to their trade. They concentrate on fewer types of projects resulting in greater experience to pass on to their customers/clients.

  • Customization - A big box store offers very few options for customizing your project. Working with a local gives you many more avenues of products and styles to make sure your space is one-of-a-kind geared to you.

Photos via: Kitchen Innovations


When planning your new or updated kitchen or bath project, pass by the big box store and stop by your locally owned business where you will get the time needed to ensure you have the details that guarantee your space is customized perfectly for you. Let an experienced professional guide you from the beginning to the end, saving you heartache and money. It’s worth shopping local!

Kitchen Innovations is a full-service kitchen and bath design company located in Fort Walton Beach, FL serving the Emerald Coast. They offer a great planning guide to help you get started. Visit them for a private consultation.

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