Common Mistakes Made in Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Remodeling your kitchen or bath is a rewarding endeavor. However, it isn’t one to be entered into lightly. Strategic planning and careful thought is the key to successful results. Part of good planning should include avoiding common mistakes that could sabotage your remodel and keep it from being a successful project. Learn from the mistakes of others! Here are some of the top remodel mistakes you need to keep in mind.

Photo: via DuraSupreme - Island is too large for the space and non-fuctional.


Lack of A Strategic Design  - A good design is the first step in a remodel project. Is it functional as well as aesthetically pleasing? The “triangle” layout of the refrigerator, sink and stove still reigns supreme in ensuring efficiency.  Actually take inventory of your kitchen or bath items before you order cabinets to make sure you have the space you need.  Who will be using the space? It doesn’t make sense to design around someone that won’t be utilizing the room. Take the time to put serious thought into your plan and hire a professional if you don’t feel confident in achieving your goals on your own.

Photo: via Bob Villa - Trendy colored appliances - remember avocado green and harvest gold?


Embracing Trends - Trends are great but not always practical. One of the top reasons to remodel is because the space is dated. Stick with neutrals for the essential elements and infuse color with accessories such as chair covers, colorful bowls and serving pieces, artwork, etc. These can easily be changed out for the next trend and won’t break your piggy bank in the process. Trendy may have you right back in the same need-to-update dilemma in a couple of years.

Photo: via Houselogic - Whoops, that was a support wall!


Failing to Develop a Budget - Without a budget, your project could get out of hand and your wise investment may become one you won’t be able to redeem. Remodeling an older home may present some unwanted surprises that will wreck your projected costs. Pad your budget for incidentals. Setting a reasonable budget will keep you on track both financially and realistically.

Hiring the Cheapest Contractor/Designer -  Research your contractor(s) and/or designer - do your homework! Don’t settle on a contractor based on price alone. Makes sure your team has experience for a project like yours by asking for references and seeing their project photos.Read reviews and ask a lot of questions. Simply choosing the lowest bid could end up costing you twice as much if things go south and you end up having to get another contractor to fix issues and finish the job.


These are just a few of the common mistakes that occur in kitchen and bath remodels. The best solution for keeping your project on track is to take your time and carefully plan the full scope of your project. If you aren’t experienced in a job of this magnitude, call on a reputable designer to assist you.

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