Make a BIG Splash with Backsplash

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Make a Big Splash with a Backsplash.jpg

Photo: via Kitchen Innovations

Do you wish you could update your kitchen but simply don’t have the financial resources or time to do a complete remodel? Let’s look at one option that can make a huge transformation with a minimal investment. Changing out the backsplash can take years off your kitchen’s tired look and instantly give it a fresh and modern feel.


A backsplash is a protective covering that keeps kitchen mishaps from splattering on the walls from pesky substances such as grease, water, suds, etc. It’s a wonderful creation that provides functionality and so much more! It can define the style of your kitchen and enhance the entire space. The cost can be minimal depending on the material you choose so don’t be afraid to explore all of the different options. There are thousands of new surfaces that can be used today.


Traditional ceramic tiles are still a great choice and come in every color imaginable. Styles range from the favorite subway tile to exquisite mosaics. Different designs can be created with diagonal patterns and by interchanging different shapes and sizes.


Ceramic backsplash Home depot.jpg   better decorating bible - backsplash-blue-white-cheveron-better-decorating-bible-blog-ideas-how-to-tiles-stove-aboe-eclectic-kitchen.jpg

Photo: via Home Depot                                                          Photo: via Better Decorating Bible

Metal surfaces include tin, stainless steel, copper and many others. Flat sheeting gives a sleek and modern feel while intricate designs give visual interest. Metal finishes are also great options for those who seek an industrial look.


Metal backsplash.jpg   Stainless backsplash - overstock.jpg

Photo: via Karr Pick Kitchen and Bath                               Photo: via Overstock      


Reclaimed wood is making its way into the kitchen with an earthy and rustic appeal.  Pecky Cypress has tremendous character and because no piece is alike, a truly one-of-a-kind look can be obtained. Cedar and pine also make a perfect background for a warm effect.


wood backsplash idea stand.jpg   wood backsplash - idea stand .jpg

Photo: via Idea Stand                                                            Photo: via Idea Stand

Glass tile is another popular material that spans the gambit with different colors and textures and can make an artful statement!  New on the scene is vintage mirror and it lends itself to a more elegant style.


Wood_Lightroom edit-11 copy.jpg    mirrored backsplash.jpg

Photo: via Kitchen Innovations                                             Photo: via humphreymusun


Updating your kitchen’s backsplash can be the quick fix that provides the facelift needed for a complete transformation resulting in huge benefits for you and your home’s value. Explore all of the possibilities to find the right choice for you. For more inspiration, browse through these fabulous photos in the article 50 Best Backsplash Ideas from House Beautiful then give us a call so we can get your kitchen transformation started today!



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