A Passion for Kitchen and Bath Design

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In 2013 Kitchen and Bath Design News asked designers why they loved their jobs. You can read their responses here. It occured to me that the staff here at Kitchen Innovations came into the same field in very different ways and for different reasons. I was curious to know where their passion for the kitchen and bath industry resides. So I asked them each a simple question and I want to share what they told me with all of you.

The designers at Kitchen Innovations: Debbie, Janet, and Veronica

To our incredible and dedicated designers Debbie Harrell and Veronica Newton I asked, "What makes you passionate about designing kitchens and bathrooms?"

Debbie: What makes me passionate about designing in this industry is "...having the opportunity to personalize, create and transform the two most important and most personal rooms of the house.  I know that my client gets up every morning and loves what I did for them."

Veronica: "What makes me passionate about designing is the people. Not only do I get to help people create a new and beautiful space to make memories with their families, I get to be creative in the process. It is a very personal experience for everyone and I am happy that they choose Kitchen Innovations to be a part of this. So I would say creating beautiful spaces and meeting beautiful people is what makes me passionate about design."

Along with our designers, there's another woman that brings passion to the job and even after 15 years she's still passionate about the industry and her company. So I asked Kitchen Innovations' owner Janet Wilson, "How did your passion for the kitchen and bath industry make you want to start a design company of your own?"

Janet: "It was my desire to help the client design their kitchen or bathroom for their personal needs and lifestyle that led me to open Kitchen Innovations. We work as a team here at Kitchen Innovations with each other and with our clients to ensure the best outcome for any and all projects that we work on. Anyone can sell cabinets but we design for the individual client who may or may not cook, may or may not entertain, may have 2 cooks, may have a large family or special needs; these are all considerations taken into account when working for our customer. The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home while the bathroom is sometimes a place to retreat or relax therefore these are both rooms in the house that should be carefully thought out with the clients' needs and wants in mind. These are personal areas that should reflect the owner of the home because there’s no place like your own home."

Here at Kitchen Innovations there's a sisterly bond that is evident the moment you meet the staff. As a young college student trying to figure out a career, I don't think I could have found a better opportunity for growth than working here with these women. Their passion drives them everyday and we all, but I especially, have something valuable to learn from each of them. I would like to see the young designers currently breaking into the industry to never forget the reason they started in the first place; to keep their passion for the job at the center of every single project. And then one day the next generation of designers can have positive role models to look up to in the industry, just like this generation does now, and just like I do.


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