Big Green Egg is a Big Green Saver

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The Big Green Egg is the most versatile grill on the market. Not only can you use your Green Egg to grill steaks, pork chops, burgers and hotdogs, its ceramic kamado style vessel can be used to cook vegetables, bake bread, and so much more. Talk about saving money and multitasking! Use one tool to create your whole meal.

Here are some of the techniques this product boasts:

Of course, the egg is great for traditional Direct Grilling. The Egg produces an intensely hot fire so you’ll lock in those juices when searing meat. You’ll also avoid flare-ups and hot spots since you cook with the lid down!

Check out this great Direct Grilling Recipe:

Indirect Grilling is a rotisserie-style cooking method. Food is not over direct fire, rather placed to the side and slowly roasted by radiating the heat in a convection process.

Here is a tried and true recipe for Indirect Cooking:

Using your Green Egg for Smoking requires slow cooking over low heat. The Green Egg maintains the same temperature for hours so you can forget having to manually stoke the fire. Wood smoke flavors and tenderized meat will prove to be worth the wait!  

Try this delicious recipe for smoking fish:

Maybe the most surprising use of your Egg is for Baking. It is like having your own brick oven. By using the convEGGtor accessory and a baking stone, you’ll be creating gourmet pizzas, calzones, flatbreads or any number of baked goodies.  All the Big Green Egg Accessories you need can be found at our kitchen and bath showroom on Beal Parkway in Fort Walton Beach.

This recipe will take Pizza Night to a whole new level:

As you can see, owning a Big Green Egg is like having a traditional grill, an oven, a rotisserie and a convection oven all in one! The options for using it are endless and you’re quickly going to be the buzz of the neighborhood. Take advantage of our great deals right now with 15% off of all in-stock Green Eggs models and accessories until Father’s Day.  Don't wait - supplies are limited.  


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